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Your destination of sourcing execution

Don’t you think it would be much easier if you had an on-demand execution team? Whether you are looking to start a new project or expand an on-going project, let us be on-board as your execution partner.

Vistaura is a global business consulting firm which offers its clients with end-to-end GIC setup in India. Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail & Manufacturing, Consumer Services, Engineering & Energy are some of the industries that we cater to.

Rahul Taneja

From The Desk Of Our Founder - Rahul Taneja

Reader of sorts, always trying to expand the viability of his work and only judges a person on their debugging skills, Rahul Taneja is the minds behind the logically seamless applications & business partnerships that Vistaura embarks upon.

Working in IT Industry has made me realise that people & businesses don’t just need help in handling softwares, they need help in the execution & everyday running of the business, so that their main focus is in driving the business forward, and that’s where I want us to help them. While you focus on the decisions, let the execution be ours whether the department is Human Resource, Finance, IT or even manufacturing.

2021 and Beyond, our vision is to become a one-stop solution for global companies, whether small, medium or large-scale that are looking to set up their own GICs in a developing country like India and work on the guidelines of NASSCOM to be a part of the global powerhouse and deliver QUALITY tightly paired with QUANTITY. We ensure that we make the best use of both words - Execute & Check! That has been my life motto and what I always believe in. This also helps us to ensure that the creativity that we instil in our work gets associated with the profitability which our customers will realise in near future. Hence a lot of thought and efforts get into the project right from the first day of on-boarding!

Our key features

Our Journey So Far

We started in 2014 as a global ERP Solutions & Software development firm in India. While working for international clients from USA, UK & UAE throughout the years, in 2020 we have embarked on a journey by taking a step further and assisting businesses worldwide by helping them set up a GIC in India.

Foundation of Company - 2014

Having a family business in the retail industry, our Founder, Rahul Taneja was frequently facing issues and glitches when he managed the entire firm and its all departments, including HR, Supply, Sales and Logistics. This sparked the IT engineer within him and that’s how the idea Vistaura became a reality!

One year in business - 2015

Acquiring clients from India for a successful deployment of softwares and ERP solutions. After achieving this for more than 12 clients we scaled our business globally and started our journey of a global footprint that sets the stage for our core competencies and gaining competitive advantage over our competitors.

Stepping Stones - 2017

Awed and amazed by the list of features and the ease of access, Vistaura’s ERP easily makes its mark in the industry and we reached 20 ERP users and 5 outsourcing projects within 3 years. This milestone holds a great place in our hearts as these customers are the ones to place their trust in us and moreover, help is improve the ERP software further.

Competitive Advantage - 2019

Fully customisable, elegantly designed, and logically built softwares and business processes became our USP. It was time for us to enter the global market again, but this time with a competitive advantage to help companies set up their GIC’s in India and outsource the mundane tasks.

Reallocation & Expansion - 2020

While many businesses were stagnant during the start of the pandemic, many faced the burden of overhead expenses, due to which, businesses have started focusing on specialisation. We reallocated our resources and expanded into building of Global In-house centers and delivered 6 successful projects throughout 2020.

2021 & Beyond

In the times of a global pandemic, businesses have become more conscious about their overhead expenses & how resources are allotted. Vistaura’s main objective is to help global businesses maintain an equilibrium of reduced expenses & increased profits. To know how, contact us here.